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Flavia Pinheiro
Flávia Pinheiro

Acts as a performer, choreographer and visual artist. Her works involve the body in movement and its relation with various devices, including differentiation processes produced by Bactéria in a political, aesthetic and pedagogical proposition entitled: #educacaobacteria. She also researches the relation between strength and power at the hegemonic neoliberalism, embodied through the intense and mundane training for the end of the world. The body is immersed on its resistance limits in inter-sectional processes of visibility and disappearance, by creating images, performance programs, scores, installations, videos and urban interventions as practical utopias: “Dancing not to die!” In the academical field she has acted as a supply teacher at the Dance Bachelor course of the Federal University of Pernambuco. Master in Art History by the Universidad de San Martín - UNSAM/Argentina, she has a post-grad in Performing arts by the Federal University of Pernambuco-UFPE/Brazil. She is also a student at the Centre National de la Danse - CND/France. Throughout the last 15 years, as an independent artist in Recife she has been working on an artistic research formatted as a solo performance that questions a body which is constantly falling, dismembering itself, decomposing, collapsing over itself and over the making by itself, under the hardship of surviving in a precarious and hostile environment. In production she has worked in various national and international festivals and events, among them: Festival Internacional de Videodanza, Buenos Aires; Festival Internacional de Videodanza do Uruguay, Uruguay; Festival International de Vídeo Movimiento, Colombia; FIVC- Festival Internacional de Videodanza, Chile; MIVSC – São Carlos Videodance Festival, Brazil; Dança em Foco - Festival Internacional de Vídeo & Dança, Brazil; o Projecto Corporalidad Expandida, Argentina; Mostra Internacional de Video Dança Amazônia, Manaus - AM; Residência Artística MANTA, Argentina; Festival Se Alquila Estado, Argentina; Festival Internacional de Dança do Recife; Cena Cumplicidades, o TREMA Festival, JUNTA Festival, VERBO2017- Galeria Vermelho; Dança no MI; MIRADAS; Feteag, Caruaru; Cena Aberta Brasil; RIO Festiv.al; Cena Rio Internacional- CCBB; Festival Nordestino de Teatro de Guaramiranga and Farofa, São Paulo.

Iris Macedo
Íris Macedo

Acts as cultural manager, events producer and entrepreneur. Graduated in Business and Tourism and post-grad in International Trade. Today she studies a post-grad at SENAC/SP in Cultural Management (culture, development and market). Took part in free courses in Internationalization of Performing Arts ministries by Spanish, Colombian, French and Brazilian teachers. Since 2011 she is the CEO of Fervo Projetos Culturais, where she creates and produces projects that promote developments in the art field. She also acts as curator in dance festivals, projects and public notices. She has represented Brazil in international fairs held in Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. She is the proponent of Pintando o 7, for the children and teenagers audience, and Mercadança, a dance internationalization platform. She is the director of the Festival Mostra Brasileira de Dança, held in Brazil and Colombia that promoted the participation of over 700 artistic groups throughout over a decade. Over the past years she has been dedicating herself to the achievement of international and national performing arts festivals, traveling around the whole Brazilian territory and various countries of Latin-America. Some of the main fairs with international profile she has been present were: The Brazilian Delegation of the Industries Market of the Sur – MICSUR, Colombia, Brazilian Delegation of Brazilian Creative Industries of Brazil – MICBR, Brazil; 2º Festival Vivi Tango Brazilian Delegation, URUGUAY; a Delegação Brasileira Mercado de Indústrias Criativas Montevideo Tango, Uruguay; Performing Arts and Music Market of Argentina – GIRART, Argentina; international representation As palavras.org Cie. Claudio Bernardo, Belgium; Seminário Internacional de Festivais de Artes Cênicas – INTERCENA, Brazil; a Muestra Brasileña de Danza, Colômbia; Street Art Residency, France; FUNARTE Ibero-americana de Dança, Brazil; o Janeiro de Grandes Espetáculos, Brazil; Festival Internacional de Teatro de Pernambuco – RESIDE, Brazil; RioH2K Festival Internacional de Danças Urbanas, Brazil and Festival Internacional VivaDança, also in Brazil.

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